Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex increases production of liquefied gas by two times

Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex is the largest producer of liquefied gas in the country, which annual production is more than 300,000 tons or two thirds of all liquefied fuel made in the country.

The production is made for local needs and export; Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex uses around 200,000 tons for production of polypropylene and component of high-octane gasoline.

Liquefied gas is on high demand abroad. For incomplete six months, the facility prepared more than 45,000 tons of liquefied gas (201 percent of the plan) for export shipment.

Use of liquefied gas allows saving petroleum resources while its production does not require deep processing of raw material. This fact allows many countries reviewing the use of liquefied gas as an alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel.