Galkan Club is a winner of Turkmenistan MIA Ice Hockey Cup

Current victory is the fourth for Galkan for this prize. In the final, the winner of the 5th MIA Cup met Watanchy team, which lost to current country champion with 0:7 score. 

Watanchy was the revelation of the last year, having won the bronze of national tournament of 2016 – 2017 season. In current tournament, the fosters of Serdar Bayramov confidently won all contesters on the way to the final, however, was not able to stand again the attack and the tactics of Galkan. 

The hosts of the field opened the score in the first minute. Have not met deserving resistance, the fosters of Bayram Allayarov scored seven goals to the rivals. Arslan Geldymuradov, Pavel Barkovskiy, Ishan Veleyev, Dmitry Savin, Alexandr Vakhovsky and Begench Dovletmuradov scored the goals in this match. 

Nesil and Shir teams contested for the bronze. Loosing after the second period, the Lions increased the pressure in the third period and was very close to success. However, four minutes before the final siren theyoungest player of Nesil, 16-years old Ahmed Gayliyev scored the goal and made final score of 5:2. Young player scored twice in this game and attacker 

Meylis Kuliyev scored a hat trick. Kerim Bayramov and Maksat Atayev are the authors of the goals of Nesil. 

The best players of the tournament were named at the award ceremony. Anton Yurlov from Watanchy was the best goalkeeper, Evald Gayer (Nesil) became the best defender and Ahmed Gurbanov from Galkan was the best attacker. Special prize was awarded to representative of sport school of the State Committee for Sports Vladimir Bunyatov for active participation in the organization and conduct of the tournament. 

Games of 2017 – 2018 Turkmenistan championship and participation in international tournaments are in the near future plans of the players. Sarayevo will host qualification tournament of the third division of 2019 World Championship on February 25 – 28. The host of the tournament as well as Kuwait and UAE teams will be the competitors of our national team. Only the victory can guarantee the qualification for the next round. According to the specialists, our team has all chances for the success. 

Qualification tournament of the world championship expects our junior national team. These competitions (U-20) will be held in Capetown (SAR) on February 5 – 8. Turkmenistan players will have to meet the hosts and the team of Chinese Taipei