The International transport conference of landlocked countries began its work in Turkmenistan

This morning, the International Conference at the level of Ministers of Transport of landlocked developing countries began its work at the Congress Center of the Avaza National Tourist Zone.

The forum, organized on the initiative of Turkmenistan under the auspices of the United Nations, was attended by delegations from about 40 states and over 30 international organizations.

The main objectives of the Ministerial Conference are to review the progress made by landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) in the field of sustainable transport and related SDGs, to determine the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and other challenges in this context. Topics also include consideration of the key role of transport in post-COVID-19 recovery and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

As is known, the idea of holding this forum in our country was put forward by Turkmenistan and enshrined in the Resolution of the UN General Assembly adopted in 2021.