Petrochemical complex to be put into operation in Balkan velayat

The opening of petrochemical complex for processing of natural gas and production of polyethylene and polypropylene, which will be the first facility of such profile, will be held in Balkan velayat on October 17. Its production output capacity allows processing of 5 billion cubic meters of gas and producing 381,000 tons of high-density polyethylene, 81,000 tons of polypropylene and other production per year. 

The information on the opening of new facility was presented by Vice-premier M. Meredov at the session of the Government on October 5. In this regard, the President noted that opening of new facilities producing polymeric materials demanded in the world markets and by local consumers would support the consolidation of export potential of the country, solution of import substitutive objectives and further dynamic development of fuel and energy complex and other branches. 

The Head of the State addressed the Vice-premier with number of assignments for training of qualified specialists for petrochemical industry.