Economic indices indicates steadfast development of the country

By the outcomes of 2018, the growth rate of the GDP was 6.2 percent. Production export volumes to foreign countries exceeded 11,200,000,000 US dollars. 

Amounts of salary wages, pensions and state allowances have been increased. 1,704 facilities to total amount of 10 billion US dollars have been built and put into operation. 

The production growth rates are 5 percent higher by the outcomes of the last year comparing with 2017. 

The volume of drawn investments from all sources of financing in 2018 was 40.3 billion manats where 63.7 percent has been allocated for construction of industrial and 36.3 percent for construction of social and cultural facilities 

Comparing with 2017, total volume of credits granted by the banks of the country for expansion of joint ventures for production of import substitutive and export oriented goods has grown by 10.2 percent and has increased by 20.4 percent in non-governmental sector.