Turkmenistan is ready to host X International gas Congress

At the session of the Government on March 20, Vice-premier M. Meredov informed the Head of the State on preparation to X International Gas Congress planned to be held in Avaza National tourist zone on May 21 – 22 this year.

In this regard, the President noted that this specialized forum is aimed at further development of beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners in fuel and energy sector.

Turkmenistan implements the strategy of integrated modernization of profile infrastructure, diversification of routes of delivery of energy carriers to the world markets, strengthening of the potential of processing, including petrochemical industry, increment of production of competitive quality goods. Speaking of this, the Head of Turkmenistan instructed to provide high organizational level of the X International Gas Congress, which is to be an efficient ground or exchange of advanced practice, activation of productive relations with leading world financial and petroleum companies.