Students of the University of Engineering and Technology showed an interest in foreign poetry

A poetry evening took place at the Oguzkan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan and students from all areas of professional training became participants. The poems of Kurbannazar Ezizov, Robert Burns, Sergey Yesenin and Takamura Kotaro were heard from the stage. 

This choice is not accidental. Four masters of the poetic syllable are native speakers and studied by students of the Engineering and Technology University. The conducting such events makes it possible not only to enrich the vocabulary of the studied language, but also to join the cultural traditions of the people. 

Students declaimed poetry works in original language and performed songs written in the words of great poets. Video materials prepared in Turkmen, Russian, English and Japanese accompanied the presentations. On a huge screen, the magnificent landscapes of Turkmenistan and Russia, the Land of the Rising Sun and Misty Albion replaced each other. 

Atageldy Garyagdyev, Aigul Yagshiyeva and Gulshirin Annamuradova were among the spectators of the musical and poetic evening were the stars of the national opera and stage art. They were delighted with the talented performances of students and sincerely rejoiced at their success in learning foreign languages, and after the poetic presentation, they appeared with their best works. 

The teacher from the Japanese University Tsukuba - the tutor of Turkmen students Takashi Tanaka and his spouse evaluated together with notable artists, the creative and linguistic successes of students. As Mr. Tanaka stressed, all the participants of the literary competition justified his expectations, demonstrating a good level of knowledge of foreign languages and the art of declamation. Students consider such creative training as necessary in the process of acquiring new knowledge and broadening their horizons. 

The innovating university, such as the Oguz Khan Engineering and Technology University, is based on an integrated approach to the training of personnel and the close connection of the educational process with science, production and business. The priority goal of establishing a university is to become one of the leading universities in the world, which are not only educational institutions, but also centers of scientific and research activity capable of generating actual ideas, implementing ambitious projects, sharing experience. 

The University pays great attention to stimulating the interest of young people in research activities aimed at the implementation of its results in the production sectors of various sectors of the national economy. 

Acquirement by future specialists the full range of professional knowledge occurs in close connection with the study of three foreign languages - English, Japanese and Russian. By the fact that the duration of study at the university is five years, the most effective methods are used to achieve the most effective results in the language training of students. 

During the first year of study, students undergo intensive language training in Turkmen and two foreign languages - English and Japanese, on which further the educational process is built. The students begin to learn Russian starting the second year. 

It is foreseen active use of electronic resources in the context of developing the digital learning environment in order to match the quality of the educational process with high world standards. As for the linguistic aspect, as pointed out by the student mentors, it is actual in the technical universities to teach "the language for special purposes". In world practice, this direction has received the name of "language for special purposes", which proved the effectiveness of teaching by many modern researches. 

Together with Takashi Tanaka, young Turkmen philologists also teach Japanese. Among them are graduates of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after D. Azadi and foreign universities. 

In the near future is expected the arrival of a group of teachers from the Tsukuba University, with which the Turkmen higher education institution is linked by a long-term agreement. Under their supervision, students of the Oguz Khan Engineering and Technology University will master Japanese in such areas of higher education as information communication technologies, robotics, biotechnology, electronics and Nano electronics, materials science, new material technologies, etc.