New phase of Taze Zaman living estate is opened with the participation of the Head of the State

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of big complex of social facilities built under another stage of construction of Taze Zaman living estate. 

Provision of happy and prosperous life of the people, formation of all necessary infrastructure in cities and villages that meets international standards are the key subjects of the Government policy that place comprehensive care of people as a top priority. Numerous new buildings, first beautiful living houses with all amenities, which were erected in Ashgabat and all regions of the country, are visual symbols of the success of this progressive strategy. 

Big urban construction programme expanded in Turkmen capital, which joining new territories rapidly turns into modern megalopolis, is aimed at the solution of the objectives of fundamental improvement of social and living conditions of the population. 

White-marble Ashgabat embodies unique model of dynamically city where advanced trends of modern and traditions of national architecture, beauty and comfort are organically merged and modern technologies as well as engineering and technical solutions are actively implemented. 

Initiating big and important construction projects, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov holds under unremitting control all stages of their implementation starting from the project planning of certain districts until the construction completion of the facilities 

It is visually indicated by living estate that received symbolical name Taze Zaman (New Time) located in Bagtiyarlyk etrap of the capital. 1152 new double- and single-store living houses were opened in the estate. In addition, there are new secondary school for 600 students, two kindergartens for 160 children each, hospital and grocery store among new facilities of this phase of construction located on 179.85 hectares. 

The territory adjoined to the facilities is completely planned and greened, relative road and transport, engineering and technical infrastructure was also built. All works were completed by local construction companies. 

It is worth to remind that the first complex of facilities in Taze Zaman was opened with the participation of the Head of the State in 2014. Numerous living houses with good planning, social, cultural and other facilities have been built since that time and several park zones have been created. 

Live celebration atmosphere was prevailing from early morning on the territory of the living estate. The Chairperson of the Mejlis, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, the Hyakim of Ashgabat, representatives of non-governmental organizations, mass media and public have gathered there on occasion of remarkable event. The heads of diplomatic corps accredited in our country and foreign businessmen were also among the participants of the ceremony. 

Everybody greeted President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The culmination came and the Head of Turkmenistan came to decorated arch and cut symbolical ribbon with young Turkmenistan citizens under loud applauses of the participants. Another complex of new buildings of Taze Zaman estate was opened. 

Followed by the children, the President started looking around new facilities. Local residents, for who this day was marked with such great and unforgettable event, greeted the Head of the State along his way. 

True Turkmen celebration with typical wide spread, hospitality and traditional generous treat was expanded. Music and songs were played everywhere, dances were performed and athletes demonstrated their skills in different sports. As any other celebration, this one also has exiting national games. 

Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to new houses, which were built taking into account living traditions of Turkmen nation. It is worth mentioning that few types of houses, namely 168 double- and 284 single-storey five-room houses as well as 284 four- and 416 three-room single-storey houses, have been built under another phase of Taze Zaman construction. The houses have all amenities for the comfort of the tenants including spacious and cosy furnished rooms with kitchen equipped with necessary appliances and other. Every house has a plot of land for planting, garage and traditional tamdyr (clay hearth). 

During the ceremony, the President of Turkmenistan visited one of double-storey houses. Traditional performance of moving to new house was played in front of the house that time. 

The President was cordially welcomed with traditional treats by new tenants in the yard. The family of Mergen Hojamammedov, the aviation technician of Turkmenistan Airlines, became the owner of this beautiful five-room cottage. The head of the family cordially welcomed the President of the State. 

Having entered the house and warmly congratulated the tenants, the President expressed the interest in the planning and design of the rooms as well as in amenities available in the house of the comfort of the family. 

During the conversation, the host of the house answered the questions of the Head of the State and told that he is working in civil aviation. His spouse is a tailor. They have three children – a daughter and two sons. 

Having highlighted that today, all conditions were created in Turkmenistan for prosperous life, fruitful work and rest of people, the host of the house, on behalf of his family, expressed the gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the opportunity to have modern comfortable living. 

Continuing the conversation, the Head of the State noted that every house that was built in Taze Zaman has a land plot and recommended the tenants to use it efficiently and plant fruit trees and different vegetables. It will give an opportunity not only to provide the family with fresh fruits and vegetables but also will support working education of young generation. In addition, green plantation will make favourable effect on microclimate of the living estate. 

Having highlighted that the State would continue taking targeted measures for further improvement of social and living conditions of the population, the President left hospitable hosts, having wished them happiness and family prosperity. On occasion of remarkable event, the Head of Turkmenistan presented valuable gifts to new tenants. 

Continuing the tour around new facilities, the Head of the State went to one of single-storey house. Turkmen leader was welcomed in the house by the family of Nurmuhammet Nazarov, who works as anaesthetist and intensive care doctor at Scientific and Clinical Centre for Mother and Child Health Protection. His wife is a teacher at secondary school. The family has four children – a son and three daughters. They expressed the gratitude to the President for unremitting attention to the improvement of life level and quality of Turkmen citizens 

Having expressed the interest in how the hosts settled in new place as well as in their future plans, the Head of the State warmly congratulated them on their happy event, having addressed the wishes of prosperity. Having congratulated the family on new house, the Head of the State wished them happy life in modern house and also wished to bring up their children in the spirit of patriotism. 

Having looked around internal planning and provision of the rooms and given high appraisal of the conditions, the Head of the State highlighted again the subject of rational use of the land plot of the house and working education of the youth. It will be supported by growing of various fruits by own hands what will also bring undisputed use for health. 

On occasion of new tenancy, the President of Turkmenistan presented the hosts with valuable gifts. Having expressed the gratitude to the Head of the State for the construction of modern comfortable living in the country, new tenants assured that they would continue working hard making input to steadfast social and economic development of the country. 

On the same day, two kindergartens opened their doors for young fosters. The facilities are provided with all conditions for harmonic development and interesting time of the children. 

New pre-school facilities have everything for the children to feel themselves absolutely comfortable. Spacious well lit up premises including comfortable bedrooms and dining rooms made with accounting of age groups are at their disposal. Facilities for music and sport classes and medical facilities were stipulated. Planned territories around the buildings have summer terraces and playgrounds with related attributes. 

In other words, there is everything for joyful, active and useful time spending of the children. 

As it was mentioned above, there is also a secondary school among the facilities that were opened. It has all capabilities for young tenants of the complex would be able to get quality education meeting time requirements and would grow well – educated, spiritually rich and physically fit. 

The classes designated for initial school and study of various disciplines are equipped with interactive and other related hardware, thematic visual aids. All necessary conditions for labour education of the students, physical training and sports, stimulation of the artistic skills were also created at the school. 

The hospital for provision of medical services to 5000 patients based on the concept of family medicine is another important facility. All conditions were made their to meet international standards. Family doctor, woman consultancy, early children development, physical therapy and other rooms as well as out-patient day care facility are at the disposal of the medical personnel. All premises has favourable microclimate provided by life support systems of the facility. 

Family doctors rooms are provided with modern equipment including portable ultrasound unit, dermatoscope, dynamometer, otoscope, opthtalmoscope, glukometers as well as ECG and physical therapy equipment. 

Therefore, the hospital has all capabilities for successful prevention, diagnostic and treatment of different illnesses by new methods and for provision of first medical aid to the population as well as for organization of the events aimed at the assertion of the principles of active and healthy life style in the society. 

Despite advanced achievements of modern medicine, such direction as phytotherapy is still actual. For these purposes, tea room was opened in the hospital and exhibition of medicinal herbs growing in Turkmenistan was expanded next to medical facility on the same day. Everyone was able to try vitamin tea and drinks made of such herbs, which are very useful for health and enhancing the treatment of various diseases. 

The shop offering the customers wide variety of food products was also opened in new complex of Taze Zaman facilities. The shelves of the shop are full with various fresh diary and meat products, bakery, confectionary and pasta, fruits and vegetables, juices and refreshment drinks, etc. 

Having proceeded to the park occupying special land plot, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov planted young tree in memory of current event, having given the start to new green zone. All participants of the ceremony joined the Head of the State. 

Ecological subject is very topical in the world today and the President of Turkmenistan pays utmost attention to environment protection. All large-scale national social and economic programmes and investment projects are closely related with ecological component as an important condition of prosperous life of people. 

Large-scale plans for greening of cities and villages of the country, foothills, river and channels banks are implemented. Young groves that spread around Ashgabat and other regions of the country become home for many animals and birds, stop soil erosion, keep moisture and improve microclimate. 

The strategy of green development was laid by the President of Turkmenistan as one of the mechanisms of sustainable economic and social progress of the State resting on advanced practice, innovative technologies and old national traditions and aimed at the improvement of life level of people in harmony with beautiful Turkmen nature, at the improvement of the environment and prosperity of the country. 

In the end of the ceremony, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished new tenants health and family happiness and having said warm goodbye, left the place of event.