Cooperation in anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism in the agenda of online meeting

Representatives of the Ministry of Finances and Economy have participated in video conference sessions of working and regional structures of the Egmont Group, which is the world association of financial intelligence units, held these days.

The goal of the Group is to provide the platforms for efficient cooperation of financial intelligence units in combating against money-laundering and funding of terrorism as well as to provide support in implementation of relative national programmes including promotion of exchange of financial information, improvement of personnel qualification, development of communication channels using advanced technologies, etc.

In this context, it is worth to mention that integrated work is carried out in Turkmenistan for strengthening of institutional foundations of national system of anti-money laundering and funding of terrorism as well as improvement of profile legislation.

The main role in this process is given to the Financial Monitoring Service under the Ministry of Finances and Economy, which was established in October 2018 according to the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Together with specialized structrues, its personnel successfully solves their objectives.

Entry of Turkmenistan into Eurasian Anti-money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Group was a significant step in this direction. It also supports to activation of cooperation between our country and International Financial Action Task Force and other organizations in this sphere.

Having joined to number of important international documents including to the UN conventions against transnational organized crime and corruption, Turkmenistan demonstrates invariable commitment to undertaken obligations.