Ancient traditions in modern decoration

New building of Ashgabat Art Carpet Facility, which will produce 1,650 square meters of carpets and carpet products, including those that will go for export, is ready to be put into operation.

Production facility has been built by specialists of Ruhabatstroy Trust at the place of old building of carpet factory, which was one of the first buildings of Ashgabat after devastating earthquake in 1948.

The history of carpet facility starts in the beginning of the 20s of the last century. Back then, the first cooperating public carpet making unit has been established and after few years, Ene Kuliyeva carpet making facilty has started to work in Keshi settlement (part of Ashgabat these days). Carpet making facility of the capital, which received status of factory, has been founded in the capital in 1947.

New building, which image organically merges into architectural look of the capital, has all conditions for work of masters. Spacious light premises are equipped with air conditioning, heating and ventilation. The workshop where the world famous handmade carpets will be made occupies 1,000 square meters. Project designers and construction personnel have made all necessary conditions for personnel of the facility like optimal location of functional zones, canteen, locker and shower rooms.

Director of the factory G. Mollayev said in the conversation that carpet shop would be located on the ground floor, exposition hall, workshops, conference hall and offices on the first floor. The facility will have a laboratory for dying of thread, readymade product storage and other auxiliary facilities.

Modern carpet production facilities will be open soon in Bahereden district, Ahal Region, Gubadag district, Dashoguz Region, Bayramaly, Mary Region and Khalach district, lebap Region. Opening o modernized profile facilities, which will have excellent conditions for productive work and realization of creative ideas of masters, will open an important stage in development carpet making art as well as give good perspectives for profile marketing, impulse to search for new directions in work, combination of classical methods with texture, ornamental and colour innovations.