On the threshold of cotton harvesting

Fluffy snow-white balls on stems of the cotton have become a decoration of fields in Amudarya Valley. This year, the area of cotton fields in Lebap Region has been increased to 130,000 hectares. It is planned to produced 320,000 tons of valuable technical crop from this area. Together with the last cycle of agro technical activities, integrated preparation to the harvest campaign is under completion.

Action plans, which is aimed at organized and qualitative harvest campaign, reaping of produced harvest without any loss and on time, has been developed on regional and district levels.

More than 250 modern cotton harvesters, 11 cotton gins and 48 reception facilities are ready for the campaign. Big complex of maintenance and commissioning works has been carried out in mid-season. Necessary number of cargo vehicles has been prepared for transportation of production to reception facilities.

Cotton producers of Lebap Region hope to exceed contractual obligations and to make a gift to the anniversary of neutrality of the country.