Priorities of economic cooperation of the CIS countries reviews at video conference session

Turkmenistan’s delegation took part in the 87th session of the Economic Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which was held in video conference format. Share of the views on current directions of economic cooperation and revision of number of documents took place during the session.

In particular, the information about implementation of the CIS Strategy of Economic Development until 2020 and Draft Action Plan of the first stage (2021 – 2025) of similar strategy until 2030 as well as Draft International Program of Innovative Cooperation of the CIS members until 2030 have been presented.

The participants have reviewed 18 subjects of cooperation in economic and other spheres. Part of the subjects will be sent to the Council of the Heads of the Governments for review at the next session in November this year. The next session of the CIS Economic Council is planned to be held in Moscow this December.