Despite the problems in the global economy, Turkmenistan’s GDP growth rate exceeds 6%

Summing up the results of the first six months of 2021during the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that the GDP growth rate exceeded 6.1 percent.

The President of Turkmenistan noted that large-scale construction of industrial and social facilities had continued in the country. In particular, according to the Turkmen leader, about 2.500 large objects amounted to over 37 billion US dollars are currently being built in the country.

The President of Turkmenistan also emphasized that more than 1.400 million tons of wheat had been produced and the PRC repaid loans to be used for the construction of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline. The President emphasized that at present the profits from the sale of gas through this pipeline were directed to the state treasury.