It is exported the most produced part of reprocessed fiber in the country

More than 1,500 tons of reprocessed fiber was produced at the Abadan cotton-spinning factory, which is part of Ashgabat textile complex structure. The manufactury for recycling of the spinning and weaving industries of the branch enterprises was put into operation more than a year ago. In the workshop intalled the equipment of the company "Balkan" (Turkey), capable of processing up to 5000 tons of textile waste product per year. 

High-tech equipment allows to turn textile wastes into products used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows or non-woven materials. In the current economic conditions, most manufacturers in the textile industry, particularly those who produce bedding, have started using reprocessed fiber obtained during the processing of special sewing waste units. Most of the RF produced at the Abadan factory is exported. This production is in great demand at the enterprises of Turkey, the Russian Federation and other countries.