Industrial gas flow with daily debit of more than one million cubic meters is received from Minara 3 field in Mary Velayat

Specialists of Lebapnebitgazozleg Department of the State Corporation Turkmengeology successfully completed the drilling of the exploration well at perspective site in Karakum Desert. The production layer lays at 4575 meters depth. However, the drilling personnel continue drilling taking into account the data of the seismic survey. According to the forecast, the lower levels may also have gas deposits. 

Specialists of Lebapnebitgazozleg Department make successful exploration of hydrocarbon resources throughout Turkmenistan. Last year, the drillers handed over the well with high crude oil output in Ekerem (Balkan Velayat) to production staff. The Department carries out exploration works in seaside at Akpatlavy, Gerchek and Yzynada fields and in Halkabad 2 and Tajibay fields of Lebap Velayat where they plan to discover natural gas and condensate deposits. 

Recently, exploration departments of the State Corporation Turkmengeology received high productive equipment that allows increasing the speed and quality of drilling. Up to 80 percent of the equipment was renewed in Lebapnebitgazozleg Department.