The square of Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre is the spot of New Year celebrations

The capital square of the Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre with the main New Year tree of the country traditionally became the centre of New Year celebrations. 

Owing to the efforts of designers and organizers of the event, the square turned into magic space with wonderful combinations of historical periods – modern time and time of the Great Silk Road, fairy tale heroes and symbols of the last and current year – Vepaly the alabay and joyful piggy. Numerous small trees, winter decorations with snow patterns making the image of mountain residence of Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk, who came to the celebration to make our dreams come true, are located around 38-meters green beauty dressed in rich decoration of shining stars, garlands, toys and bright illumination. 

Numerous Ashgabat residents and guests of the city have gathered there. Music and songs are sounded, enthusiastic atmosphere of joyful event and solidarity reigns as we all relate the New Year with our best intents and the wish to see our homeland prosperous is single for all of us. Therefore, slogan of 2019 “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity” is the best to express people’s desires, which are implemented under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. 

… Show with the participation of popular singers, recognized masters and young stars of musical stage who please the public with artistic dedications to New Year is opened at the stage built in front of cultural and entertainment centre. Vocal and choreographic compositions on folk motifs in modern interpretations, lyrical and flaming songs have been presented. 

Performance of the singers was accompanied by such famous dance bands as “Galkynysh”, “Lachyn”, Nyazly”, “Ashgabat”, “Mengli” and the State Dance Ensemble. Wonderful concert has lasted for about two hours and was finished by the song «Geldi Täze ýyl» performed by all artists under loud applauses of the spectators. 

On behalf of all compatriots, the masters of ceremonies address the President of Turkmenistan with congratulations on New Year, wishes of happiness, health, longevity, success in the achievement of great goals for prosperity of the country and people. 

After, the masters of the ceremony announced on the beginning of traditional celebration teleconference, which connects Turkmen capital with administration centres of all velayats on this night. 

One after another, the regions were joining the teleconference. On that day, bright New Year performances have also been held with the participation of popular singers and art collectives, numerous visitors at the squares of administration centres of the velayats. The spectators included the elders and youth, rural residents and children. 

Ahal Velayat is the first to connect to the teleconference. Congratulations and poetic wishes were followed by celebration concert, which has been prepared for this event. 

Balkan Velayat joined the conference afterward. Having conveyed the congratulations from the residents of coastal regional, its representatives has demonstrated their artistic dedication to New Year. 

After, the baton was taken by Dashiguz Velayat. Our northern region is also rich with cultural traditions and talents, which has been demonstrated in celebration performance after the greetings. 

The conference was continued by representatives of Lebap Velayat who congratulated Turkmen people and President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on New Year while the artists of the region dedicated song and dance composition to this event. 

The floor was given to the residents of Mary Velayat. They congratulated all people of Turkmenistan on Happy New Year, read the poems and music. Artists and younger generation showed their performance. 

New Year video conference was finished by the capital of independent neutral Turkmenistan, the residents of Ashgabat who filled the square of the Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre wished the dreams come true and success in work to their compatriots in all parts of the country. They were supported with celebration dedications by popular artists and dance ensembles. 

Summing up celebration greetings of the residents of the velayats and capital, the masters of ceremony highlighted the main thought of all wishes, which is that Turkmenistan would always be prosperous improving its international authority every year and that people would live happily and wealthy. 

Exciting and culmination moment came – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed live New Year Greeting to the people of Turkmenistan from Oguzkhan Palace Complex. 

Millions of compatriots at the square and in front of TVs had listened the speech of the Head of the State with great attention. Summing up the outcomes of 2018, Turkmen leader noted that big success has been achieved in all spheres of the country’s life but what is more important the wealth of our people has been improved significantly and that we meet 2019 with great expectations and confidence in new achievements. 

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has finished his speech with poem of his own make, which embodies sincere and firm confidence in fulfilment of good hopes. 

Another moment and the arms of watches have joined together at the figures of 12… 

National Anthem of Turkmenistan was played. 

Bursts of celebration fireworks, which lit up the sky above the Alem Cultural and Entertainment centre with bright stars, were sounded. New Year night was lit up with shining fountains of lights drawing the patterns on dark sky. Under this solemn gunfire, Turkmenistan citizens made the most cherished dreams and all of them were united in the desire for goodness and creation, believe in future, which would open new levels and opportunities.