The economy of Turkmenistan shows stable development

The growth rate of the GDP of Turkmenistan is provided on 6.3 percent level for ten months of the year. Comparing with the same period of the last year, the production has been increased by 6.9 percent. 

Volume of retail trade has increased by 19.1 percent while foreign trade by 4.2 percent comparing with the same period of the last year in January – October. 

Revenue of the State budget has been fulfilled to the amount of 15.7 billion manats while expenditure part to the amount of 15.6 billion manats for the period under review. 

The growth rate of total trade of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations was 28.5 percent for ten months comparing with the same period of the last year. At the same time, retail trade has increased by 12.8 percent while the wholesale trade by 40.7 percent. The growth rate of production was equal to 12.3 percent. 

The State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange has conducted 209 exchange trade session and registered 25,448 contracts. The growth rate of overall income has made 41 percent. 

Companies of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs have made 10.2 percent more of industrial and 16.1 percent more of agricultural and food production.