Innovative solutions for development of oil and gas Uzynada basin

The State Concern Türkmennebit announced international tender for procurement of equipment for drilling works at the depth up to 9,000 meters. Specialists of the industry plan to drill super deep well for the first time at Uzynada field, which is located in the coastal zone of Caspian sea approximately 35 kilometres south of Barsagelmez oil and gas deposit. According to forecasts, big oil deposits are contained in deep layers of red sedimentary formations.

First geological survey well has been drilled to 4,213 meters at this perspective field in 1972, however it did not detect any productive layers back then, - Head of Innovative Technologies Department of the State Concern Türkmennebit Ramazan Urumov explained. – Turkmen drillers came back to capped survey well No.1 last year and commenced drilling works, daily flow of 106,000 cubic meters and of gas and 143 tons of condensate has been received on January 19, 2020.

By that time, the deepest in the region exploration wells No. 7 and 17 (7,000 – 7,150 meters) exploration have been drilled at Uzynada basin using ZJ-70DB drilling mechanisms. Industrial flows of gas and condensate have been received from the lower part of red sedimentary formation at the depth of 6.6 – 6.7 thousand meters during works for development of these wells.

It is worth to mention that specialists of the State Concern have received big experience in acceleration of drilling works, improvement of the structure of well and production of hydrocarbons from big depth. Digital technologies and high productive equipment have been used for this purpose. In particular, remote monitoring of drilling works has been carried out and relative recommendations have been given from the central office.

Deep downhole screw engines and diamond drill bits from Schlumberger have been used for drilling of exploration wells. Inhibited chemical solution of calcium aluminate (ALCAR) proposed by specialists of Institute Nebitgazylmytaslama provided safety of drilling works and high quality of drilling fluid.

High quality chemical agents proposed by scientists have also been used for reinforcement of the borehole. Innovative instruments allowed reducing time and cost of drilling works significantly.

At present time, drilling of several exploration wells is carried out by specialists of the State Concern Türkmennebit and the State Corporation Türkmennebit for deep study of oil and gas deposits of Uzynada basin. According to specialists, it will allow determining the structure and sizes of underground treasury of hydrocarbon materials.