10 2月

Turkmenistan improves immunoprophylaxis

The level of public health care is one of the main indicators of the quality of life of the population in any country, the effectiveness of its state model and social policy. Strengthening the scientific and legal basis of health care, the development of medicine at all levels, in cities and villages in accordance with the WHO principles are priorities in this area. Our country has become a model for many world countries in such an important area of public health as ensuring sanitary and epid...

8 2月

Future development of fuel and energy complex: Digital wells and deposits

Development of recommendations for intellectual innovative development of petroleum industry including the projects of digital wells and deposits has to be one of the main direction of activity of profile scientific institutes, the Head of the State said at the session of the Government on February 8. Having listened to the report of Vice-premier M. Meredov on the work of the facilities of fuel and energy complex in January this year, the President of Turkmenistan focused on the objectives of...

7 2月

Turkmenistan strengthens positions in the world

International cooperation and diplomatic activity of our country is implemented in two strategic directions outlined by the Concept of foreign course of neutral Turkmenistan in 2017 - 2023. It involves the consolidation of bilateral relations with foreign states and active cooperation with international organizations. In 2018, Turkmenistan enhanced its international authority as the state that steadily implements peaceful foreign strategy, democratic reforms, large-scale programmes of social...

6 2月


On February 5, 2019, an International media-forum dedicated to the First Caspian economic forum was held in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and other relevant ministries and organizations, foreign journalists accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of international news agencies, newspapers and magazines, TV and radio channels of the littoral states, as well as representatives...

5 2月

Turkmenistan is preparing to hold the First Caspian Economic Forum

Turkmenistan has started the detailed preparation to the First Caspian Economic Forum to be held on the 12th of August 2019 in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza.”  It is favorably symbolical that the date of this first in the history large Caspian forum coincides with the Day of the Caspian Sea. The implementation of measures on preparation and hosting the First Caspian Economic Forum unfolds in accordance with the Concept of holding the Forum affirmed by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbangu...

4 2月

Seven-year programme of development: Digitization and Industrialization

The President of Turkmenistan approved the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2019 – 2025 at the extended session of the Government on February 1. It was mentioned in this regard, that the model of the development of national economy in next seven years proposed by the Government includes number of strategic directions.  First, structural reformation of industrial sectors and service sphere is planned. Paying special attention to support of high technology producti...

2 2月

Economic indices indicates steadfast development of the country

By the outcomes of 2018, the growth rate of the GDP was 6.2 percent. Production export volumes to foreign countries exceeded 11,200,000,000 US dollars.  Amounts of salary wages, pensions and state allowances have been increased. 1,704 facilities to total amount of 10 billion US dollars have been built and put into operation.  The production growth rates are 5 percent higher by the outcomes of the last year comparing with 2017.  The volume of drawn investments from all sources of financi...